School Volleyball Information:

The School Volleyball League is a school-based League for students from years 5 - 13. This League is the largest with around 70 teams playing at ILT Stadium Southland every Wednesday during Terms 1, 3 & 4. We have multiple grades on offer to suit all our players. We pride ourselves in knowing we have a safe and happy environment where our players, coaches, managers, referees, volunteers, staff, whanau and friends feel welcome. 

We offer double games each fortnight for schools outside the Invercargill area to help lessen travel time and cost. If you wish to take us up on this offer, please contact us via email at Please refer to our school's handbook for in-depth information. 

Click here for Roles and responsibilities at school volleyball  

Click here for the School handbook for volleyball. 

​​​​​​​Social Media (Photos and videos)
​​​​​​​Please note that photos and videos are taken on competition nights and put on social media. Please let the Volleyball office know if you do not wish to have your child's photo or video taken.