Organisational Structure

International Governance Body
Federation International Volleyball (FIVB)

National Governance Body
Volleyball New Zealand (VNZ)

Regional Governance Body
Volleyball Southland Board

Volleyball Southland Board

Donna Milne

Duncan McKenzie (Deputy Chair), Michael Weusten, Alex Rogers, Opini Otoomalatai, Vanessa Hughey and Caroline Raynes

Alissa Light – Volleyball Coordinator
Email: Phone: (03) 2112259 Ext 225

Will Dymond – Growth Leader

About us

Volleyball Southland was legally formed on 19th April 2000 however has been operating as far back as 1987 it is the regional volleyball association for the Southland region. We are affiliated to Volleyball New Zealand as one of the 16 Regional Associations. Volleyball Southland is governed by a volunteer board that set strategic direction in collaboration with the Volleyball Coordinator.

A partial organisational change happened early in 2012 to enable the financial and leadership of the association to grow.

The Volleyball Coordinator currently works out of the Sports house based at the ILT Stadium Southland in Invercargill and coordinates and facilitates the entire Southland volleyball sporting region, Invercargill, Southland wide,  Queenstown, and Gore with the help of trained deliverers, contractors and volunteer coaches/managers.

Overall the Southland association is seen as a major area of new growth within Volleyball in New Zealand.

Volleyball Southland enjoying the spike in numbers

Volleyball Southland has served up some impressive figures after putting a concerted effort into increasing participation numbers Southland-wide this past season. In the 2011/12 year, Volleyball Southland had 471 affiliated players. In the 2012/13 year, there were 1417– and counting! 2275 people were exposed to volleyball Southland wide

Building the foundations towards Success

Through pushing the sport to all age groups – primary and secondary school, through to adults – the code is creating a solid foundation to move forward, whilst highlighting volleyball as a fun, and accessible sport to be involved with.

School is in

A big part of volleyball’s increase in numbers has come directly from its new KiwiVolley Programme in schools – primary through to secondary levels. From introducing KiwiVolley to more than 786 children in 17 primary schools (the sport previously had no young players involved and had no presence within primary schools) to hosting 48 secondary school teams in regular weekly competitions, it has been a hugely successful past couple of terms for the sport.

Part of that success has come from the drive coming from management and the support of school sports coordinators and teachers in charge who have helped promote the sport to students as a sport inclusive of all ages, fitness levels and abilities.

Fun & Social

Currently, the concentration is on its strength in attracting participation numbers which lie in the fun and social nature of the sport. While there is a focus on fun, Volleyball Southland has also set a standard whereby those competing in school competitions are required to wear a uniform. Medals and trophies were also introduced so that students could take pride when they did succeed.

Invercargill City & Southland-wide programmes

Volleyball Southland is looking to make the game as accessible as possible to as many Southlanders as it can by expanding on its Invercargill leagues into various towns including Queenstown, Gore, Winton and Riverton. It also ran a competition for SIT students, with the help of its former Board Chair Duncan McKenzie.

The code is constantly looking out for ways to create more opportunities for Southlanders to get involved.

Where to from here?

First and foremost, Volleyball Southland wants to maintain if not increase the number of people playing the sport at all levels by having strong foundations to build from and to continue to grow their programmes to include volleyball for all ages and all abilities.