Entries closed and we are booked out for our FREE Queenstown ethnic tournament

Prize monies

First place $125

​​​​​​​runners up $50

Social Grade Mixed  -4 teams -Blockers, Haste Women, Family Fun, SKCY

Social Competitive grade- MAINLY MEN - TOP 7 SEEDED TEAMS  -Haste, SKCY A, Pinoy Hitters, Wanka Aces, Beta Blockers, Tui'e Mixed, Wakatipu Black

Social Competitive grade - MAINLY WOMEN - BOTTOM  7 SEEDED TEAMS -South women Development, Valiant Gold, Valiant Silver, SKCY, Tui'e women, Wakatipu Blue, Wakatipu White

Dates and times- Saturday - 10 am start and a 7 pm finish approx

Sunday- 8 am  starts and a 4 pm finish approx

Draw: there is cross-grade refereeing so please check the draw carefully

Duty- all teams will have duty you must have a first referee, a second referee, 2 lines people, and two score people- easy scoresheet

Net time- 2 minutes combined going the same way

Start time penalties- 5 minutes late for game or duty, you lose the first set

10 minutes late or no show - you will have defaulted immediately -no excuses-  traffic is not an excuse 

Minimum Players- Can take the court with a minimum of 5 players

Player movement is zero -  no player can play for more than one team, and can not play in another grade- instant disqualification 

please keep games to the schedule we encourage starting games earlier if the court is free

45-minute games or 3 sets - how this works 

When the 45-minute timer goes off all games must stop once the point is scored.

For example team, A won set 1 and the timer goes off while playing set 2- team B is ahead by one point - they win that set.

Then the teams play set 3 until a team is ahead by 2 points.

so team A scores 1 point, team B scores 1 point you keep going until one team is ahead by 2. 

This ensures the full 45 minutes is used to play volleyball and you all get as much volleyball as possible, but it keeps the courts running on time.

Bus- leaving Invercargill 7 am from ILT Stadium Southland

Only those who have booked can come on the free bus as seating is limited

720 am - Will stop at Winton for pick-ups outside the Primary school on the Main road

8 am - Lumsden will stop across the road from the public toilets 

Accommodation with Volley South - bring a sleeping bag, pillow, and towel-own toiletries for a shower

Food - those who have paid to be with Volley South - please inform us of any food allergies

Bring your own lunch for Saturday and Sunday, and a named drink bottle