2018 Junior Volleyball Information

  • 2018 Junior Volleyball Teams:
U17 Girls Team 2018

Coaches: Shane & Aniva Ripley

Team Names: 
Omea Hall
Bella Crawford
Moomi Herman
Keana Uamaki-Braven
Melody Ripley
Harriet Price
Mary-Jane Grove
Courtney Anderson
Holly Wu
Ryah Tui
Anne Haefner
Gabby Milne

The U17 Girls will be naming a team of 10 and 2 non-traveling reserves closer to the tournament. Non-traveling reserves are to attend scheduled training times as well. 

U17 Boy’s Team 2018 

Coach: Jamie McIntyre

Team Names:
Sam Hodges – CSC
Ross Teweti – SBHS
Shannon Price – CSC
Matthew Scully – CSC
Aaron Torrie – CSC
Oscar Lee – JHC
Claude Tianoa – SBHS


 U15 Girl’s A 2018

Coaches: Rouden Muirhead & Anastasia Shtampf

Team Names: 
Katie-Ana Rangi – Verdon
Sophie Oliver – JHC
Billie Ellis – SGHS
Holly Muirhead – Verdon
Emma Hodges – CSC
Ava Kite – JHC
Tia Fowle – SGHS
Alexis Sapini – JHC
Lucy Machen – JHC
Holly Excell – CSC

U15 Girls Development 

Coach: TBC
Team Names:
Georgia Eruera – Verdon
Mia Segun – Verdon
Brilea Wadsworth – CSC
Jamie Owen-Gear – SGHS
Riley Ballantyne – CSC
Vanisha Tamwennang – Verdon
Molly Olphert – JHC
Hannah Gilroy – JHC
McKenzie Blomfield
Pelesena Tekabu – SGHS
Trelise Edwards

 U15 Boy’s Team 2018

Coach: Che’ Baker

Team Names:
Corvin O’Raurke – JHC
Oliver Kite – JHC
Antonio Auuaiti – Aurora
Josiah Tui – SBHS
Rauu – SBHS
Toare Teweti – SBHS
Mana Jennings – SBHS
Richie Kuresa – SBHS
McKenzie Hunter -CSC
Tim Lawry – CSC


  • Training Dates and Times:

U17 Girl’s: Monday’s 6pm – 8pm @ James Hargest Junior Campus
U17 Boy’s: Wednesday’s 7pm – 8.30pm @ ILT Stadium Southland
U15 Girl’s: Wednesday’s 7pm – 8.30pm @ ILT Stadium Southland
U15 Boy’s: Wednesday’s 7pm – 8.30pm @ ILT Stadium Southland

  •  Tournament Information:
     U15 & U17 Boys and Girls

Venue: Pioneer Stadium, Christchurch
Dates: Friday 28th Sept – Monday 1st October 2018
Coordinator: Alissa Light (Volleyball Southland)

  • Coach & Manager Information:

Coaching Application
Coach Code of Conduct

Coach Job Description
Mangers Code of conduct
Manager Job Description
Player Selection Criteria
Player Code of Conduct
V.S Team Travel Policy