KiwiVolley Competition Information 2019

KiwiVolley was developed by Volleyball New Zealand to better suit younger aged children as a way to introduce them to the game. All school teams that register will receive a 30-minute training session on the first week before games. This is open to all players registered for the competition. If you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact the Volleyball Southland Office via email or phone 03 2112259.

  • 2019 Information:

Venue: ILT Stadium Southland
Grades: Year 4-6 Social
Time: 4.00pm – 5.00pm (2x 13min half & 1 min half time)
Start Date:
Entries close:

Court Layout:  ILT Stadium In’gill
Basic Rules: Year 4 – 6

  • Team and Player Registrations:

Initial Team Entries: click here

Player registrations are due within the first 2 weeks of competition. Schools must fill in the online player registration form below.

Entry Form - In'gill Primary Year 4-6

School, Team and Contact Information

Player Informatio