Adult Social Volleyball Information 

Volleyball is a great social sport that people of all ages and abilities can take part in. We have teams made up of workmates, family and friends and even kids looking for the extra game time. We have different grades to suit everyone to ensure you have fun, so come along and join in on the fun enjoy. No uniforms required!

If you are interested in playing but don’t have a team then please contact the office via email –  

     Round 1 – Results:

     Round 2 – Term 2 2019

Start Date: Wednesday 15th May 2019
Closing Date: Friday 10th May 2019
Grades: Business House (Social) or Social Competitive
Venue: ILT Stadium Southland
Duration: 7-week competition
Cost: $250 + duty/Refereeing   or  $290 no duty/Refereeing
(if you have 8 people that makes it $4.50 per person per game.)Round 2 Adult Social Poster pdf
Draw for the 15th May 2019 – Updated 14/05/2019 12 pm
Draw for the 22nd May 2019 – (No Games – Steel Netball on)
Draw for the 29th May 2019 (No games – Steel Netball on)
Draw for the 5th June 2019  (Double round to make up weeks missed)
Draw for the 12th June 2019 (Double round to make up weeks missed)
Draw for the 19th June 2019
No games on the 26th June 2019
Draw for the 3rd July 2019 – Finals

Team Registration Form:

Team Personnel

Coach and Manager can be one person just enter twice


PAYMENT: $250 - 8 people makes it $4.50 per person per game

Pay via NZ Bank Deposit.

Please deposit the total amount owed into our account.

Our Details are as follows:
Account Name: Volleyball Southland
Account Number: 123154-0097777-00

Please remember to use your team name as reference.
We will be in touch to confirm payment.
Thank you.