School Volleyball Information:

The School Volleyball League is a school-based League for students from years 5 - 13. This League is the largest with around 70 teams playing at ILT Stadium Southland every Wednesday during Terms 1, 3 & 4. We have multiple grades on offer to suit all our players. We pride ourselves in knowing we have a safe and happy environment where our players, coaches, managers, referees, volunteers, staff, whanau and friends feel welcome. 

We offer double games each fortnight for schools outside the Invercargill area to help lessen travel time and cost. If you wish to take us up on this offer, please contact us via email at Please refer to our school's handbook for in-depth information. 


  • Volley South has free human resources to help schools with the term 1 pressures to get all volleyballs ready to take the court. RAMS, selections, organising teams, handing out uniforms anything we can do to help the schools in a very busy term 1. Please just email us and we will be there with bells on to help you.
  • We are also offering quality coaching to schools Free of charge.
  • If you want a top coach in your school to help build a volleyball program, please let us know as we have the human resources to do this and we will upskill your parent help, teachers, and student coaches in coaching and refereeing.

​​​​​​​Work4fees- please email us any interested volleyball players who may need help with fees as we offer them a place in our work4fees program

Debts- if any players owes Volley South funds they will be regarded as un financial, and need to talk with us about a payment plan asap to be able to play in anything for 2023.

$5 per competitive player- will need to do this course before playing in school volleyball- all school and adult competitive players VNZ Local referee course-

Videos to learn from are here:

School Handbook see button above

Mainland entry form- watch for it here

School and South Champs entries open soon ...

Please nominate students for this by emailing us. Read about their work here Youth Voice group.  We will be stepping things up again in 2023. Thanks to the awesome feedback from our

​​​​​​​South Volleyball Leagueindoor draft competitive league- SVL –starts 25 Jan 2023.  Schools should email contacts of talent ID players so we can ensure they are aware of the draft. We do have an extensive list from the 2022 rep program to call upon as well. The SVL has been designed off on Nelson Bay's successful program, and the recent VNZ draft league. This is one of 3 pathways for rep players. Players registered in the league will be eligible to play representative volleyball for our regional association at VNZ events. All playing uniforms and new Mikasa balls will be supplied

Rep trials – age groups 29 Jan, 5 Feb, and 12 Feb 2023  –to attend Lower South Island tournament – Aoraki hosting -22-23 April 2023. Dependant on make-up of team and results we can look at taking age groups to IPC June 2023.


​​​​​​​Beach volleyball – Otepuni community hub is grateful to the ILT Foundation and Invercargill city council for their investment in fencing so we will be able to offer memberships to the beach hub in 2023, and a secure and safe place for youth to train.

We contracted an independent insights company to access our data and we have grown 109% in 12 months. The significant growth in the 2021-2022 season was further testament to the steps Volley South have taken to adapt and change their sport offerings in the last 18 months to meet the diverse needs of their participants and offer an experience that is appealing and accessible for a wide range of people across the entire region. The proportion of female volleyball participants is significantly higher than the proportion of females in the general population, which is approximately 50%, suggesting that volleyball is an appealing sport for female participants. Strong female participation, particularly for senior school students (Years 11-13), as this is when females typically experience a drop off in physical activity levels, in particular participation in organised sport. High diversity amongst participants, and high representation from Māori, Asian, and Pacific Island people. Asian and Pacific Island people generally tend to participate in physical activity at lower levels than the total population, but this is not the case with volleyball participation. The recent recovery around participation numbers, and trending increase is positive, particularly given the overall physical activity participation climate post-COVID.

We want to thank each of you for the part you have played in this growth, and in turn we want to help you! See FREE offerings below.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Social Media (Photos and videos)
​​​​​​​Please note that photos and videos are taken on competition nights and put on social media. Please let the Volleyball office know if you do not wish to have your child's photo or video taken.