Term 3 2017 Queenstown Primary Competition Information and Draws


Venue: Queenstown Event Centre
Grades: Year 4-6 & Year 7&8
Time: Wednesdays from 4pm – 5pm
Starting Date: Wednesday 9th August 2017 (6 weeks)
Cost: $22 per person (charged to school)
Entries Close: Thursday 3rd August 2017

Basic Rules: click here
Court Layout: click here

Competition Draws:

Draw for the 9th August 2017
Draw for the 16th August 2017
Draw for the 23rd August 2017
Draw for the 30th August 2017
Draw for the 6th September 2017
Draw for the 13th September 2017 (Finals)

Team and Player Registrations:
Initial Entry Form: CLICK HERE

Player registrations are due within the first 2 weeks of competition. Schools must fill in the online player registration form below.


Entry Form - Queenstown Primary Year 5 - 7

School, Team and Contact Information

Player Details