Congratulations to the following players on being Talent ID for our winter Female program.

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If financial constraints are a concern, please still join the program and send us an email at to inquire about our work-for-fees program.

Note - Queenstown based Talent ID program coming soon - we interviewing a coach 3 July 

 Volley South Winter Female Development Program

  1. Shift in Focus: After the conclusion of the Lower South Island age group tournaments in Dunedin and the VNZ IPC in Wellington, our attention now turns to advancing the male junior and senior programs for 2025. Additionally, we're gearing up the 2025 age group season.
  2. Volleyball Academy- Optional specialized Training: Understanding the importance of tailored development, we have arranged specialized training sessions to target specific areas of improvement for each player.Friday nights
  3. One-Day Tournaments: In addition to the regular training schedule, we have organized two one-day tournaments in September, offering our players the chance to test their skills and strategies in competitive environments.
  4. Development-Oriented Team Formation: Players have been grouped into 2-4 teams tailored to their development needs, guaranteeing optimal growth opportunities for each individual. These teams will compete on Wednesday and Saturday nights, as well as in the two upcoming tournaments.
  5. Wednesday League Update: We are pleased to inform you that the Wednesday league will revert back to gender-based divisions in line with rivals, starting from the commencement of this new program for Round 3.
  6. Announcing a Brand New Saturday Night League: In addition to our existing programs, we are thrilled to introduce a brand new Saturday Night League! This league will bring together players of all genders to compete in appointed teams, fostering camaraderie and skill development. We will be extending invitations to the wider community and teams from outside our region to participate. Saturday fixtures allow for easier travel, making it accessible for teams from afar to join us.
  7. Referee and Scoresheet Clinic mandatory  for players wishing to attend VNZ IPC and or Clubs - 14 August 

  8. Volleyball NZ visit: Attendance appreciated 

Volley South Open Tournament

  • 21 September 2024: Tournament, $150/team
  • 28 September 2024: Tournament, $150/team

Rivals Wednesday Nights - Round 3 2024

Volley South male teams will be put into two-four teams in the Rivals Grade. Players cannot be in a community team during Round 3 as this is Club Nationals preparation. With increased entries, the league will revert to male and female Rivals leagues.

  • Cost: $360.00 ($36.00/player) pay by 10 July 2024  for the league and training, 6:00-9:00 PM
    1. 24 July 2024: League and training
    2. 1 August 2024: League and training
    3. 8 August 2024: Double round, league and training
    4. 14 August 2024: Not available
    5. 21 August 2024: League and training
    6. 28 August 2024: League and training

Winter League - Saturday nights

 Winter league Cost: $120 per team - reduced as teams must do full duty in preparation for tournaments. 

  1. 27 July 2024: Saturday night league and training, 6:00-9:00 PM
  2. 3 August 2024: Saturday night league and training, 6:00-9:00 PM
  3. 10 August 2024: Saturday night league and training, 6:00-9:00 PM
  4. 17 August 2024: Saturday night league and training, 6:00-9:00 PM
  5. ​​​​​​​24 August 2024: Saturday night league semi-finals, 6:00-9:00 PM
  6. 31 August 2024: Saturday night league finals, 6:00-9:00 PM

Referee and Score Sheet Training- open to all 

Every representative player attending IPC or Club Nationals must know how to complete a score sheet and must be currently obtaining or have completed their Regional Referee qualification, as mandated by VNZ for these tournaments.

Training Session:

  • Date: 14 August 2024
  • Cost: $10 per player - free if play in this program
  • Focus: Referee and Score Sheet Training

All players are required to participate in this training to ensure compliance with tournament requirements.